The neD-SPACE Model

What are the ingredients of a safe and successful Nederland Defensible Space neighborhood mitigation event?  Here’s the process we follow:

  1. Property owner is accepted into the Boulder County Wildfire Partners program and receives a risk assessment.
  2. Property owner contacts neD-Space; neD-Space determines that property is suitable for a volunteer event.
  3. Property owner helps recruit nearby property owners to participate.
  4. neD-Space assigns an Event Coordinator and chooses an event date that works for the property owners.
  5. Wildfire Partners marks trees to be cut.
  6. Event Coordinator draws up a Scope of Work for the event in accordance with the property risk assessments.
  7. Event Coordinator designates a Safety Officer for the event who draws up an event Safety Plan.
  8. neD-Space arranges for chipping, publicizes event (along with Wildfire Partners), recruits volunteer sawyers and swampers (slash haulers).
  9. Property owner(s) agree to host the post-event potluck and provide grilled substance for main dish.

Event Day

  1. Sawyers arrive at 7:15am for briefing.
  2. Swampers arrive at 7:45; all volunteers sign waiver forms and listen to a safety briefing.
  3. Sawyers work in teams of two, a qualified sawyer (current S-212 certification) and a sawyer trainee (has completed an approved chainsaw class and annual refresher classes). The qualified sawyer works with the trainee sawyer to improve the latter’s skills and ensure proper technique and best practices.
  4. A team of swampers is assigned to each cutting team.
  5. The Safety Officer monitors activity and enforces protocols.
  6. All work ends at 12:00. Participants gather for a potluck meal.
  7. Wildfire Partners representative provides an educational briefing, explaining the risk assessments, how the work performed fits into the mitigation picture, and what remains to be done.
  8. Chipping contractor chips and removes the slash the following week.
Safety Briefing